Pink Matter!

Going by its actual definition, pink is a slightly pale form of red color and it derives its name from a flower going by the same name. As per surveys carried out in the US and Europe, it’s the color that is most frequently associated with terms like femininity, romance, sweetness, sensitivity, beauty, tenderness, love, childhood, charm and politeness. Whenever pink is used alongside black or violet, it evokes feelings of seduction and eroticism! The first time pink got used as a color’s name was during the late 17th century.

Pink as a color in fashion industry has been at the center-stage of many debates throughout the history. Although a large number of designers focus their works on all sorts of colors, there is an entire fashion culture that has been dedicated solely to the shades of pink. Do you recall the amazing rendition of the song ‘Think Pink’ in the movie Funny Face?! Well, that was based on Paris and New York City related fashion photography; or the amazing love affair that blossomed between this magic color and Rei Kawakubo! It cannot be denied that pink has been an integral part of statement making fashion creations for a long time now!

The color has a complex as well as enduring history to it. Before it started getting recognized for its feminine and girlish nature, pink actually used to be considered a masculine color owing to its relation to red. It wasn’t until the early years of 19th century that people started perceiving pink as highly feminine, while blue started getting used as a representation of masculinity. Quite fortunately, the times have changed yet again and the color is now almost unisex, equally popular with both men and women. In fact, pink shirts are now a staple in almost any modern man’s wardrobe.

If the fashion shows of the recent times are any good indication, the obsession of fashion designers with the pink color is stronger than it has ever been! Designers are actively mixing pink bras with flared turtlenecks and skirts. There even have been flashes of pink color in embroidery, satin platforms and sweeping coats. The popular fashion brand Chanel also had its share of obsession with the rose’s palette, resulting in creation of classic tweed suits in the yellow and blush plaid, along with various Technicolor prints popped into neon fuchsia. It is common knowledge that Louis Vuitton has also applied the pink color on its leather bikers!

It’s pretty clear that pink has been a long time favorite of the fashion fraternity throughout the world! If you’re someone who isn’t too fond of this color, it’s high time that you start getting used to it as you’re only going to see more and more of it in the times to come!