Garden Design

Garden design is a field of art which involves creation and designing of landscapes and gardens, using various kinds of layouts or plans. A person can hire the services of a seasoned garden designer or can even do garden designing on his/her own.

Majority of professional garden designers have some sort of training in the fields of design and horticulture. Some of them may even be landscape architects, which is a more formal field involving thorough training or an advanced level degree in the field of architecture. Landscape architects usually require a state license for practicing their profession. You can gain tremendous amount of experience in garden design even if you’re an amateur gardener by putting in extensive hours of work into your own garden, and backing it up by serious study related to the subject. You can even become a part of various gardening clubs (online and off-line) to hone your garden designing skills.

Garden design elements

Whether it’s an amateur or a professional garden designer at the helm of garden designing project, there are certain basic principles that he/she cannot do without. These basic principles are critical in meeting various needs of garden owners.

Garden design elements include the hard landscape layout such as decking, sitting areas, water features, walls and paths, apart from the plants of course! A lot of consideration is given to the horticultural requirements for plants, their speed of growth, lifespan, seasonal appearances, growth habits and how they combine with other landscape features and plants. Plenty of attention is also given to the specific needs of the garden, including its maintenance and funds needed for its regular upkeep. The budget for all these tasks determines the choice of plants.

Some other important garden design considerations include the required style genre (traditional or modern, informal or formal etc.), the way garden will get connected to the surrounding structures and home, and how the garden will be put to use.

Garden furniture

You may also want to include garden furniture for enhancing the appeal and utility of your garden space. Garden furniture can range from anything like a patio set, swings, lighting features, benches to some specially designed artefacts and patio heaters. You may even install a picnic table in your garden for the purpose of having outdoor meals. Some of the materials used in manufacturing of contemporary patio furniture are treated woods, vinyl, resins, glass, stones, plastics and metals.

Garden lighting

A good garden design would be incomplete without appropriate lighting effects. In majority of cases, different lighting techniques are defined and classified based on heights: down lighting, up lighting and safety lighting for instance. Sufficient garden lighting may also be responsible for regulation of three important plant processes – photoperiodism, phototropism and photosynthesis.