Office Space Design Tips

The right kind of office space can significantly increase the productivity level and peace of mind of employees. Following are some useful office space design tips that can help you tailor your workplace’s design for achieving maximum results:

Go for maximum natural light
Natural light is an often overlooked feature when it comes to office space design. It should actually be the most important consideration at the time of office layout planning. Many scientific studies indicate a direct correlation between natural light and productivity improvement at workplaces, especially in manufacturing environments. Furthermore, our eyes are designed to work based on the changing sunlight levels. Constant supply of natural light can also significantly reduce headache complaints and eye fatigue in offices.

Maximize the working space
It’s important to give employees enough spaces for carrying out there day-to-day tasks. You must not stop only at their desks, but extend this principle to the corridors and the spaces between desks too. People should be able to move around freely. It’s important to create a right balance between a fun and dynamic office atmosphere and ample open spaces.

Invest in good furniture
Although it may seem like a good idea to save money by purchasing budget furniture, your savings may not be of much consequence in the long term. It’s better to spend a few hundred dollars/euros extra on every desk chair now than having to waste thousands of dollars in the future. It may seem like a trivial matter, but please note that workers spend their entire working days sitting on office chairs. If these chairs are of inferior quality, the employees sitting on them may start facing problems like low back pain in the future, significantly impacting their productivity levels.

Bring nature into office spaces
If you don’t have any direct control over the color schemes and lighting design in your office, simply introducing small potted plants on office desks can bring nature indoors and maximize the productivity of employees. Scientific studies have revealed that placing plants on office desks can significantly enhance the cognitive attention and productivity of workers. Not to forget the way in which these plants can filter the air by getting rid of mold and bacteria!

Use the right colors
Color has long been known to impact people’s productivity levels at work. As per scientific research, blue color has the ability of stimulating people’s minds, while yellow can inspire creativity in them. Red color, on the other hand affects their bodies and green brings about a calming balance. It’s not enough to include the right colors alone, you’ll also need to work on the intensity and saturation of the chosen colors.