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Art is the term used for referring to a wide range of creative activities in the fields of performing, auditory or visual artifacts (known as artworks) that express the technical and/or imaginative skills of the creator. Any piece of art is usually created with the intention of being appreciated for its emotional power and/or beauty. In generic form, art-related activities include production of art works, their criticism, the study of their history as well as their aesthetic dissemination.

Visual arts is the oldest known form of art which involves creation of objects or images in areas like photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking and other kinds of visual media. Many of which Kelly Wearstler is an expert in, and was known for here at MyVibeMyLife. Even architecture is a type of visual art. However, unlike in case of decorative arts, architecture involves creation of objects or artworks where their practical considerations (in terms of their usage) hold more relevance. Hence, a piece of painting which is merely for decorative purpose cannot be a part of architecture.

The broader definition of the term art includes various disciplines like films, theatre, dance, music and other kinds of performing arts too, extending further to the fields of literature and other kinds of media like interactive media. Until the dawn of 17th century, the term art used to refer to any sort of mastery or skill. It wasn’t just limited to the fields mentioned above and would include crafts and/or sciences as well. Post-17th century, the modern usage of the term art laid great emphasis on the aesthetic considerations. The fine arts started getting distinguished and separated from generic acquired skills, like applied or decorative arts.

Arts can also be characterized based on mimesis (the way it represents reality), communication and/or expression of emotions or other types of qualities. The Romantic era led to the perception of art in the form of a special ability of human mind that deserved equal relevance as science and religion. Despite the fact that the fields that make up art are sometimes disputable and have also changed time and again in the past several centuries, the general descriptions of the term art suggest some technical imaginative skill that stems from the human ability of creation.

The true nature of art and all its related concepts like interpretation and creativity are an integral part of ‘aesthetics’. This is very well manifested in all works of Kelly Wearstler.

It is only through art that people are able to communicate their inner feelings and creativity to the outside world. As mentioned above, art can assume various forms ranging from performing arts to visual arts. Several great cultures and civilizations are perceived as great because they had plenty of involvement in the field of arts. In fact, the cultural strength and heritage of a nation depends heavily on the extent to which the art is allowed to flourish in that country and the kind of environment that’s provided for its extension.

Regardless of the type of art we come across, its primary characteristic is that it’s pleasing to the people’s senses. Although it expresses the distinct emotions and feelings of the artist, the work of art can be interpreted in all sorts of ways by different people. It can also be said that any kind of art at its core, actually tells a story. It’s the artist’s way of communicating with other human beings, in an indirect and deeply profound way. Art can move souls and the masterpieces we see inside museums are an excellent testimony to that fact.

Here’s how 20 popular artists define what art is!

Let’s now talk about different forms of art like visual arts, performing arts and applied art.

Visual arts

This art form can be termed as the type of art which may use any possible medium for representation of the artist’s ideas, imagination and emotions. Different visual art types like architecture, sculptures and paintings have evolved over a long period of time across different eras, also sometimes leading to revolutionary art movements. Some of the famous art styles and movements are expressionism, relativism, realism, impressionism, fauvism, surrealism, art nouveau and surrealism. Following are some of the visual art types:

Calligraphy – It is the art form that involves writing of letters in a visually appealing way. Calligraphy is the visual art form which has tremendous commercial value, and hence is keenly sought after by many people.

SculptingCreating sculptures is another important art form that belongs to the visual arts category. Sculptures are basically 3-D art forms which are created using materials like wood, stone or clay. Kelly Wearstler is an expert at sculpting and you can go through her works on her official website.

Painting – There are all sorts of paintings one can make. Their classification happens on the basis of their style, genre and the object of painting. Pop art, abstract art, seascapes, landscapes and still life are some commonly known painting genres among artists.

Photography – The art of capturing an image with the help of a camera is referred to as photography. How a photographer captures the image using different light effects and techniques is what makes this field creative. There are different kinds of photography such as wedding photography, fashion photography, food photography, wildlife photography and many more.

Sketching or drawing – This type of visual art involves representation of any object or form via hand with the help of charcoal, pen, pencil etc. Drawings or sketches may not necessarily be of the things or people that we see around us. They can even be abstract, expressing certain ideas and/or emotions lying deep inside our minds.

Applied art

A type of Visual Art form, Applied Art involves both functionality and practical application of the creations. Some of the Applied Art fields are:

Fashion design – This is the art form involving designing of apparels that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Fashion design entails work with all sorts of patterns and fabrics that are given the shape of garments.

Interior design – This art form involves designing, styling and layout of architectural spaces ranging from small home units to sprawling offices. Interior design encompasses furniture placements, furnishings, layout of artefacts and several other aspects. A large majority of Kelly Wearstler works are in the field of interior design. Her official website features all Kelly Wearstler signature works.

Architecture – As rightly put by Johann Wolfgan Van, architecture is actually frozen music! It’s an Applied Art form which is also commercial in nature. Although design and construction of any commercial/residential building may seem like the territory of science, out-of-the-box architectural design usually falls in the domain of art. There are different architectural styles ranging from Spanish, French Colonial, Victorian, Colonial, to the Modern kinds.

Jewelry design – This is another important Applied Art form that involves creation of intricate jewelry pieces using plastic, wood or metals. Metals primarily used for jewelry design are copper, silver, platinum, gold etc. This field also entails working with semiprecious and precious stones.

Woodcrafts – Any object of art that is created with wood and is both functional as well as appealing to the eye comes under the category of wood craft. Various home decor items and furniture units are commonly known examples of wood craft. The designs may involve joining of different wood pieces or the carving of wood for aesthetic purposes.

Performing Arts

Then comes the field of performing arts which is greatly enjoyed and appreciated by almost everyone on the planet! Performing arts includes art forms like drama, stand-up acts, films, music, theatre, dance, magic shows, Opera and more. Performing artists get recognized and become famous for the kind of art form they specialize in.

Final Word

At its core, art is a symbolic representation of various thoughts and ideas residing in people’s minds. It has the tremendous ability of moving any person in the world. It’s a commonly known fact that art has no boundaries and different art forms can be actively used by people whenever they feel the need of stimulating their senses.