Art and Design

We all know that art and design are two different fields, even if people outside of creative industry may not be able to comprehend this fact. For instance, your parents may often refer to you as an artist, while you may actually be a professional designer. The fact is that the differences between design and art have for a long time been a matter of constant debate. Following are some thoughts that may help you get more clarity on the subject:

Design is driven by solutions while art is driven by experiences
People create art by tapping into their internal and external experiences. Simply put, art is merely an expression of what you’re feeling inside and the experiences you go through. It helps you convey how you view your surroundings. Design on the other hand gets hold of a problem and starts working on its different solutions. Art is nothing more than a basic tool in the mind of a designer.

Design leans towards far right, while art is inclined towards far left
People may have unknowingly dealt with this conundrum number of times, without coming to a clear conclusion ever. However, it cannot be denied that art definitely leans towards, in certain ways, uncompromised self-expression, while design is usually about people’s attitude towards creative expression and aesthetics. If you put some ideas in a spectrum, you’ll observe that design is usually far right and art is mostly far left. Somewhere in between is the area that involves both design and art. For instance, if you work towards some creative piece, you’ll observe that it may show aspects of both design and art but may possibly lean more in the direction of design, and then may be perceived more as a design object than a piece of art.

Design is focused on external constraints while art is all about internal ones
A major clear difference between design and art is where they derive their project-related constraints from. Art normally gets generated through certain self-imposed constraints which are internal in nature. For instance, you may wonder what kind of art you can create if you’re fond of woodwork, Greek mythology and vultures! A designer on the other hand may ask that Greek have a certain way of making coffee while people in the US love sitting in cafes, leisurely sipping their coffees. In what way can we introduce the Greek coffee drinking culture in United States and make lots of money!

It’s not just the commercial part of it that differentiates design and art. If you look at the example above you’ll notice that design has external constraints involved, while it is internal constraints in case of art.